The inspiration for my art comes from a deep sense of wonder about life and nature. In nature I am searching for  meaningful answers. When observing and working with the natural world (bone and clay) I feel closer to the root of things. Coming from the Midwest I have always embraced the cyclical nature of the seasons. The four seasons continues to be a metaphor of life for me and a driving factor in my work. This environment, rich in contemplation, is where I like to create. My current work is done in the style of Memento Mori, a Latin phrase meaning remember mortality.  This mysticism can be seen throughout my work with skulls and flowers.  The various animal skulls that I use are totem like representations of divine wisdom coupled with flowers that act as a reminder of ephemeral beauty and the continuum or circle of life.


 The sculptures are about embracing one's impermanence and opening one's eyes to the beauty that surrounds us. This art is about being a part of the continuum of life. It is a beautiful reminder to living here and now. Within this reckoning we are encouraged to think about being alive and the tending of our souls, thoughts, and choices. 

The skulls act as a duel representation of mortality and animal totems. It's been said that skulls are symbolic of the divine and the mortal, housed within the one vessel. These vessels have many associations: wisdom, time, power, gateways, creations, intellect, protection, and impermanence. The flowers suggest impermanence, ephemeral beauty, a reclamation of going back from whence we came. The different animal skulls are emblematic to their totem’s character. For example, the goat is the curious sampler of many, an explorer with lofty ideas. 

“Mementos in time paying homage and honoring what was and what will be”  

On a mystical level these artistic assemblages are my efforts to explore the meaning and relationships between totems, souls, reclamation, mortality, and the divine. I am searching for the continuum that exist within them. By revealing these relationships, I feel closer to life’s meaning and its chaotic order.


Memento Wild is a collection of work based on nature, time and remembering.  The skulls and flowers act as a symbolic reminder of the cyclical aspects in nature.  In essence this art captures a feeling of the ephemeral and everlasting in the continuum of life.

Giving way to life's mystery and its wild provocative nature”

Materials like clay and bone lend themselves to a primitive art making approach- evoking a totemic spirit within the work.  Clay in its most basic form is the earth and the common link between human beings, flora, fauna, and the stars. The carefully selected vintage materials are statements about the human condition and our impact both powerful yet fragile, broken but not forgotten.  By combining these elements together this art is memorializing a sentiment about the passage of time.